The six most commonly sought definitions


A whole muscle Italian meat product formed by seasoning the meat found between a hog's head (capo) and shoulder (collo) and letting it rest for about 10 days before stuffing it into a natural casing and then aging it for at least 90 days. We use Boar's Head brand Hot (spicy) Capocollo.


This smoked sausage originated in Bologna, Italy, and is the original from which the slang name "baloney" came. We use a Boar’s Head brand mortadella that is crafted using a time-honored Venetian recipe. Select cuts of pork are accented with pistachio nuts, garlic and spices, then delicately roasted in that old world Italian way. 


An Italian dry salami. We use Boar's Head brand sopressata grande (hot & sweet).  An authentic blend of hand-trimmed, coarsely chopped pork with savory spices, crafted and naturally aged in the Old World tradition.  Boar's Head sopressata is a culinary classic with a rich, robust Mediterranean flavor.  

Mancinelli Peppers

A house specialty of sweet pickled red & green bell pepper strips marinated in extra virgin olive oil and garlic.

Spicy Giardinera Mix

Giardinera is a deli condiment of pickled vegetables  marinated in a herbed soybean and olive oil blend. We use a spicy mix of Serrano peppers, celery, carrots, red bell peppers, and green olives.


Sicilian is a style of pizza crafted in a manner that originated in Sicily, Italy. We make a rectangular panned thick crust pizza in the style of a sicilian.